Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why Do I Have to Pay a Deposit?

To reserve your property and/or your travel experience (and prevent anyone else booking it for the same dates) we ask you to pay a minimum of 50% deposit or full amount. Please note the deposit is non-refundable, except where the property is unavailable and we can't find you an alternative for the same value (in which case we’ll refund you in full). We recommend you take out holiday insurance – just in case the holiday gremlins find a way to keep you at home. 

2. When is the full amount due? 

12 weeks prior to your arrival date otherwise we reserve the right to cancel the booking and re-let the property. 

3. What is the deposit for? 

We ask you to pay a minimum of 50% deposit.

4. Can I cancel my holiday and get a refund? 

If you let us know more than 12 weeks before your intended departure date, then we’re happy to refund you the balance of your holiday. Unfortunately, we’re not able to refund the deposit you paid to secure your booking.

5.  The final price is slightly different from the one I was quoted. Why is this? 

Don’t worry – it’s all to do with the exchange rate. The price may change because the owners of your property charge in the local currency and the exchange rate has fluctuated slightly since you paid your deposit. This has affected the final balance by a small amount. The rate can go up or down, so fingers crossed your final bill is a little bit less than we originally quoted. If you wish to fix the price, simply pay for your booking in full at the deposit stage.

6. Why am I being asked to pay a security deposit? 

As long as you leave the place clean, tidy and in the same condition as the beginning of your stay, the property owner will return your security deposit shortly after your holiday is over.

7. How do I pay the security deposit?

By confirming a booking you authorise us to charge your credit card up to the value of any damage caused on presentation of photographic evidence and/or receipts for repair or replacement. Some owners require their security deposit to be paid locally or in advance of arrival (you will be notified if this is the case).

8.  Why am I charged in British Pounds when the property is priced in Euros / Dollars?

Some property owners deal in Euros / Dollars. Because we are a UK-based company, we convert prices into Pound Sterling. Please note that the price for many of our properties is calculated and quoted in Euros and that both the deposit and balance amounts shown during the booking process represent the sterling equivalents. Therefore, while the deposit amount is the actual amount you will be charged, the balance amount in sterling is only a guide and will vary upwards or downwards in line with exchange rate fluctuations between the date of booking and the balance due date.

9. How does the exchange rate work? 

Exchange rates fluctuate all the time. In order to minimise any impact to you, we use the most competitive rates available, which are typically better than you would receive directly from your bank.

10. Can you recommend a good insurance policy? 

From personal experience, we’d recommend heading to Just Travel Cover. It’s easy to use and you’ll have a great deal in a jiffy. It is just a suggestion from Ncg Experience and we don't force anyone to agree. 

11. Are there any additional costs? 

When you book with Ncg Experience, we send you a confirmation of the cost. That is all you’ll be asked to pay. The only exception to this is either:

  • Where your property is charged in Euros and there’s been a fluctuation in the exchange rate

  • Or the property owner asks for a security deposit (which you’ll get back at the end of your stay)                                                     
  • Please note you may also be charged to use heated swimming pools, energy costs and for end of stay cleaning. Do read the terms and conditions of your chosen property very carefully to avoid any surprises! Many properties will also offer a range of extras, from catering to guided tours, and there may be charges for these. Please read the terms and conditions of your property carefully before booking.
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