NCG Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

CSR & Sustainability


NCG's portfolio of properties and private islands involves a combination of mindful choices made with heart. As well as responsible practices, and a commitment to minimising the environmental and social impact of your travels.

Here's how we approach to Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability for eco-friendly travels for our guests:

Destination Selection
NCG's high selection of destinations offers eco-friendly accommodations and activities, such as luxury villas with sustainable certifications or lodges with responsible wildlife experiences. We opt for places that emphatise conservation, support local communities, and we have a commitment to preserving natural ecosystems.

NCG offers low-impact transportation modes, such as private jets with reduced carbon emissions or electric/hybrid vehicles for ground transportation.

NCG's portfolio of luxury rental properties have adopted sustainable practices, such as energy-efficient designs, water conservation efforts, and waste reduction programs.
We offer accommodations that support local communities by sourcing products and services locally.

Activities and Experiences
NCG encourages travelers to engage in eco-friendly activities, such as guided nature tours, hiking, wildlife observation, and cultural interactions that contribute positively to local economies.

Waste Management
NCG encourages travellers to minimise single-use plastics and practice proper waste disposal, highlight properties and destinations that prioritise recycling and composting.

Cultural Respect and Social Impact
NCG educates travellers about the local culture, traditions, and customs to ensure respectful interactions and minimise negative social impacts, also we encourage travellers to support local artisans, markets, and businesses to contribute to the economic well-being of the destination.


We would love to remind you that Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability together with Luxury Retreats can go hand in hand. We offer UHNW travellers the chance to enjoy exclusive experiences while also making a positive contribution to the destinations you wish to visit. Enjoy the local marvellous culture and discover traveling like you have never done before.

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