Vip Golf

NCG organises VIP golf game experiences for Ultra High Net Worth (uhnw) that require meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure a seamless and luxurious experience.




Ultimate VIP Outdoor Golf Games for Ultra High Net Worth (uhnw) Individuals

What sets the VIP outdoor golf games for uhnw individuals apart?

NCG VIP outdoor golf games for uhnw individuals are meticulously curated to offer unparalleled luxury, exclusivity, and personalised service. NCG designs every aspect of your bespoke experience to exceed your expectations.

Can I choose the destination for my VIP golf game experience?

Absolutely. NCG VIP golf experiences are entirely customisable. Whether you desire to play on renowned courses in picturesque landscapes or prefer a private island golf retreat, we tailor the experience to your preferences.

Luxury Accomodation

Are the accommodations included in the VIP golf packages?

Yes, our VIP golf packages include luxurious accommodations at world-class resorts or private villas, ensuring a seamless and opulent experience throughout your golf retreat.

Can I bring my own golf coach or request a specific professional for coaching sessions?

Certainly. We understand the importance of personalised coaching. You can either bring your own golf coach or, upon request, we can arrange for a renowned golf professional to provide exclusive coaching sessions during your VIP golf experience.

Are transportation services included in the VIP golf packages?

Yes, transportation services, including private transfers and, if desired, access to luxury vehicles or private jets, can be arranged as part of our VIP golf packages to enhance your overall experience.

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Can I expect exclusive access to golf events or tournaments as part of the VIP golf experience?

Absolutely. Our VIP golf experiences often include exclusive access to prestigious golf events, tournaments, or even private exhibition matches featuring world-renowned players. We ensure that our UHNW clients enjoy the ultimate golfing privileges.

How is privacy and security ensured during the VIP golf experience?

We prioritise the privacy and security of our UHNW clients. NCG offers private and secure accommodations, exclusive access to golf facilities, and the utmost confidentiality throughout your retreat.

Can the VIP golf experience be extended to include other leisure activities or events?

Certainly. We offer the flexibility to combine your VIP golf experience with other leisure activities, such as spa retreats, gourmet dining experiences, or cultural excursions, creating a comprehensive and tailored itinerary for your enjoyment.


How do I inquire about and book a VIP golf experience?

To inquire about our VIP golf experiences and initiate the booking process, please contact our dedicated VIP concierge team. They will guide you through the available options and customise the experience to meet your preferences.

Is there a membership or loyalty program for recurring VIP golf experiences?

Yes, we offer an exclusive membership program for our UHNW clients, providing access to preferential rates, priority bookings, and additional perks for recurring VIP golf experiences.


NCG Understands Client Preferences

Our team begin by thoroughly understanding the preferences and expectations of the UHNW individuals. We determine your preferred golf destinations, course types, and any specific requirements you may have.

Selection of Exclusive Golf Destinations

NCG recommends the best golf destinations known for their world class courses, luxury amenities, and privacy. We offer renowned locations like Casa de Campo Resort, Cap Cana, St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta National, and more top courses worldwide.

NCG Luxurious Accommodations

We arrange opulent stay in high end resorts, exclusive villas and private estates near the golf courses. Our villas offer the utmost in privacy, comfort, and bespoke service.

Personalised Golf Experience

Our personalised the golf experience includes private caddies, golf instruction from best pros, and access to the best equipment and golf technology.

Gourmet Dining

Private chefs can prepare customised menus to cater to individual preferences.

Vip Transportation

NCG arranges your private and comfortable transportation, which may include chauffeured luxury cars, private jets, or helicopter transfers to and from the golf courses and accommodations.

Spa and Wellness

We offer access to world class spa and vip facilities for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day on the golf course. Arranging spa treatments, yoga sessions, and more activities.

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