Bespoke Whale Watching Tours


What sets your bespoke whale watching tours?

NCG bespoke whale watching tours are distinguished by their exclusivity, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to luxury. Each tour is customised to meet the unique preferences and expectations of our discerning clientele.

Luxury Accommodations

Are luxury accommodations included in the bespoke whale watching packages?

Yes, our bespoke whale watching packages include luxurious accommodations, ensuring a seamless and opulent experience throughout the tour. NCG clients can expect to stay in private villas, or exclusive lodges, depending on their destination of choice.

Marine bxperts and biologists

Is the whale watching experience guided by marine experts?

Our whale watching tours are led by experienced marine biologists and naturalists who provide in-depth insights into the behaviour and biology of whales. NCG travelers can engage with these experts to enhance their understanding of marine life during the tour.

Are private yachts or charter flights included in the bespoke whale watching packages?

NCG bespoke packages often include private yachts or charter flights to enhance the overall experience. Clients can enjoy the convenience and luxury of private transportation, ensuring a seamless journey to and from the whale watching locations.

Privacy & Security

How is privacy and security ensured during the bespoke whale watching tours?

We prioritise the privacy and security of our clientele. We design bespoke whale watching tours with discretion in mind, including private and secure accommodations, exclusive access to whale watching vessels, and the utmost confidentiality throughout the tour.

Do you organise other leisure activities or events?

We create a full bespoke experience with other leisure activities, such as SPA retreats, gourmet dining experiences, or cultural excursions, creating a tailored itinerary for our clients' enjoyment.

How to make a whale watching booking inquiry

How do clients inquire about and book a bespoke whale watching tour?

To inquire about our bespoke whale watching tours and initiate the booking process, clients can contact our dedicated concierge team. We will guide them through the available options and customize the tour to meet their preferences.

Is there a membership or loyalty program for recurring bespoke whale watching experiences?

Yes, we offer an exclusive membership program for our UHNW clients, providing access to preferential rates, priority bookings, and additional perks for recurring bespoke whale watching experiences.

NCG Expert Guide

Our team enhances the educational aspect of the tour. Each tour can be custom to your preferences. You can choose the duration of the tour, specific times, and the areas to explore with us for whale watching based on the season and the types of whales you want to see.

Wildlife Interaction

NCG travelers may have the opportunity for closer encounters with whales, such as diving alongside them. Our tours can offer exclusive access to areas that are not standard tours, providing a different level of intimacy with nature (with the permissions from authorities). Knowledgeable marine biologists can accompany the tour to provide in depth information about the whales and the marine ecosystem.

Photography and Videography

Professional photographers can capture the entire experience, providing our UHNW clients with high quality memories of their adventure.

Conservation and Sustainability

We focus on sustainable practices and contributions to marine conservation efforts in each step of our bespoke travel experiences.

Photo Gallery

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