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The Origins of Limoncello in Sorrento

Limoncello is a drink that speaks of tradition and flavour. After a good, but above all abundant, Sunday meal, a good digestive helps everyone get up from the table. And is there anything better than limoncello? 

The Amalfi Coast, with its sunny climate and fertile soil, is home to some of the world's best lemons. These lemons are large, fragrant, and bursting with flavour, making them perfect for limoncello.

The history of Limoncello in Sorrento dates back generations. Local families in the Amalfi Coast region began crafting this liqueur as a cherished tradition, initially for personal use. The preparation is straightforward but requires patience:

  • Lemon Zest. The outer zest (yellow part) of these exceptional lemons is carefully peeled and steeped in alcohol, typically high-proof alcohol like vodka.
  • Infusion. This lemon-alcohol mixture is left to infuse for weeks or months, allowing the lemon flavors and aromas to meld with the alcohol.
  • After infusion. A sweet syrup is added, which balances the tartness of the lemons and imparts the characteristic sweetness to the liqueur. Once sweetened and strained, limoncello is bottled. It's best served ice-cold in small, chilled glasses. Sipping limoncello while taking in the Amalfi Coast's breathtaking views is a truly enjoyable experience.


Myths and legends of Limoncello


Did you Know that Limoncello in Sorrento is even linked to Zeus?

Almost simultaneously, the first legends and stories about the traditional production of this famous yellow liqueur were born in Amalfi and Sorrento as well.


What is Limoncello, and how is it made?

Limoncello is a lemon-flavored liqueur originating from Italy, particularly the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento. It is made by steeping lemon zest in alcohol and then mixing it with simple syrup.

Why is Sorrento famous for Limoncello?

Sorrento is renowned for its high-quality lemons, known as "Sfusato Amalfitano." The combination of the region's climate and fertile soil contributes to the distinct flavour of Sorrento Limoncello.

Limoncello Receipt passed down to generations.

When did Limoncello originate in Sorrento?

Families often have cherished recipes of Limoncello passed down through generations.

What makes Sorrento lemons special for Limoncello production?

Sorrento lemons have a sweet and aromatic flavour. The combination of the Mediterranean climate, volcanic soil, and traditional cultivation methods contributes to the unique taste.

Can you visit Limoncello distilleries in Sorrento?

Yes, NCG organizes private visits to Limoncello distilleries in Sorrento. Guided tours offer insights into the production process, and tastings allow visitors to savour different varieties of Limoncello.

Are there variations of Limoncello in Sorrento?

Yes, aside from the traditional Limoncello, some distilleries produce variations, such as creamy Limoncello, chocolate-infused Limoncello, and other flavoured liqueurs.

What is the best time to enjoy Limoncello in Sorrento?

People enjoy limoncello as a digestif after meals. It's especially refreshing when served chilled, making it perfect for warm evenings on the Amalfi Coast.

Can I purchase authentic Limoncello in Sorrento to take home?

Absolutely. Many distilleries also offer packaged bottles for visitors to purchase as souvenirs.

Festivals & Events in Sorrento

Are there any festivals or events dedicated to Limoncello in Sorrento?

Yes, Sorrento hosts events and festivals celebrating its lemon heritage, where visitors can learn more about Limoncello production, enjoy tastings, and participate in cultural activities.

Can I find Limoncello recipes from Sorrento to try at home?

Yes, many Limoncello distilleries in Sorrento share traditional recipes. Some even offer workshops where participants can learn to make their own Limoncello.

Limoncello has now become the pride of Campania and Italian culture all over the world.

The real and original Limoncello is the one produced in the Sorrento area and only in some areas of Campania with the denomination of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


Discover The Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast is a gem of Southern Italy, known for its stunning landscapes and charming towns. The Amalfi Coast boasts dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and lush greenery. The views are simply spectacular. Explore charming villages like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Each has its unique character, offering picturesque streets, local shops, and delicious cuisine. Savour the sustainable KM 0 local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, pasta, and, of course, lemons. Lemon-infused dishes and desserts are a culinary highlight. The region is steeped in history, with ancient churches, monasteries, and even Roman ruins to explore.


You can lounge on beautiful beaches, take boat trips along the coast, or simply soak in the Mediterranean ambiance.


Discover the monuments and untouched nature on this exclusive walking tour of the historic corners of Sorrento. Admire the breathtaking beauty of the Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of the Mills) and delight your taste buds as you sample some local produce.

From Piazza Tasso, to Vallone dei Mulini with its magnificent explosion of unspoilt nature climbing over incredible ruins. Admire the Romanesque cathedral of Sorrento, the Sedil Dominova palace and the ancient gates. Have the opportunity to visit some shops selling limoncello and typical lemon products. Enjoy a tasting of Sorrento products and learn how to grow lemons and make your own Limoncello.

Go down to the Cloister of San Francesco and stroll along the park of the Villa Comunale where you can admire the view of the Gulf of Naples that extends to the seaside village of the enchantant Marina Grande and enjoy it all.

August 1, 2023

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