A Day Use Experience in Casa

Ultimate luxury villa experience in Casa de Campo Resort, La Romana


Do you have a VIP / Limo Transfer for your guests?

Your journey begins with a dedicated concierge who ensures you are transported in total style and comfort to your stunning villa. This sets the tone for the luxury villa experience that awaits you.

Can I book a Villa for a day?

With NCG you can! Our villas exude charm with their exclusive environment and timeless beauty. From your accommodation, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the lush green golf course, a splendid swimming pool, and a sweeping sea view that heightens your senses. We create a truly bespoke day experience!


Is the villa fully staffed?

Sure, your dedicated staff members go above and beyond to make you feel welcome, extending great kindness and an unwavering attention to detail. They cater to your every need, ensuring a seamless and luxurious stay even for such a short time.


Do you offer a golf experience?

Golf enthusiasts can look forward to an exciting golf game. Your transfer will be ready to whisk you away to the course for a day of sport and leisure.

Can I have a Spa Day at my villa?

Ohhh yes! Alternatively, you have the option to enjoy a serene private spa day within the confines of your villa. It's entirely your choice, offering a personalised relaxation experience.

Do you include lunch in a villa day rental?

After your golf game or spa day, a delicious lunch awaits you, accompanied by a breathtaking view. Enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne, adding a touch of elegance to your meal. Your private chef stands ready to cater exclusively to your culinary desires, ensuring that your lunch is a gourmet experience like no other.


Can I just relax at my villa?

Savour the tranquility and calm of this exceptional place, lounge by the pool, take in the scenic views, or simply unwind, it's a moment of pure relaxation. When the day's adventures draw to a close, your transfer is ready to take you back to your place. The journey back allows you to reflect on the memorable experiences of the day.

Do you feel you want to enjoy more? Extend your stay for as much as you want! This luxury villa experience offers the perfect balance of leisure, recreation, and fine dining in an exquisite setting. Book Now!


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